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What are the Different Dance Styles


Title: What are the Different Dance Styles


Dance is such an amazing way to express yourself, have fun and keep fit. The beautiful shapes you make with your body, the unexpected connections you have with the music, environment and props. You can express your story, your feeling and uplift others. Just as a singer does with their voice.

We have so many different dance styles around the world. What you may be drawn to I may not. There is Cultural dance based on nationalities and places in the world like Indian, Chinese, Russian and African dance. Then, there is extension of that rooting out to more options and slight variations of the same dance but with different counts and rhythms. You normally have the traditional dance style extending to a more modern dance style of the same dance for your current era. There are time zone dances, example in the 1920’s everyone was doing the Charleston, in the 1980’s breakdown became very popular. Nowadays, you have remixes of old dance steps which could be differently done just based of your region or state of a country. Example the New York shuffle and the Chicago shuffle.

When I was growing up there was just ballet, tap, gymnastics and disco. Disco then changed to modern jazz then contemporary became popular. As time went on, you had hip hop, commercial dance and street dance and now you have every kind of dance.

The computer games name dance steps after people. You could be doing the washing up with an extra grove and a few hips, someone loads it on the net and boom! You’re viral and everyone is now doing the “washing up” dance.

I was on a shoot the other week and we have to look at all these fortnite dances. I was impressed with the orange justice dance as this little boy was being bullied and that was his way of expressing himself and letting go. Now millions of people are doing his” Orange Justice” dance.

Anyway I could go on forever so will just leave it there.

Here are some dance styles, so, if you want to try a new social dance, class or just want to change it up know there are loads of options. I have keep it short, if I include every cultural dance, this would be a never ending list and as I upload this file, there will be more dance styles created around the world. But this is just a guide so chill and work with me 🙂

Last note, I added Freestyle, but it is your own as why it’s called freestyle. Your own interpretation of what you want or the direction given.

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  1. Acro Dance
  2. African
  3. Argentine Tango
  4. Bachata
  5. Balboa
  6. Ballet
  7. Ballroom
  8. Baroque
  9. Belly Dance
  10. Blues
  11. Bolero
  12. Boogaloo
  13. Break Dance
  14. Burlesque
  15. Calypso
  16. Cha-cha-cha
  17. Charleston
  18. Cheerleading
  19. Chinese Dancing
  20. Commercial
  21. Contact Improvisation
  22. Contemporary
  23. Cossack
  24. Country
  25. Cumbia
  26. Dancehall
  27. Dance Teacher
  28. Danza
  29. Disco
  30. Egyptian Dancing
  31. Exotic Dance
  32. Extreme Dance
  33. Flamenco
  34. Flexing / Bone Breaking
  35. Folk
  36. Footwork
  37. Foxtrot
  38. Freestyle
  39. Greek
  40. Highland Dance
  41. Hip Hop
  42. House Dance
  43. Ice Skating
  44. Indian Dancing
  45. Irish Dancing
  46. Japanese Dancing
  47. Jazz
  48. Jitterbug
  49. Jive
  50. Jookin
  51. Kizomba
  52. Krumping
  53. Lap Dance
  54. Latin
  55. Lindy Hop
  56. Line Dance
  57. Liquid
  58. Locking
  59. Mambo
  60. Merengue
  61. Modern
  62. Morris Dancing
  63. Musical Theatre
  64. Paso Doble
  65. Podium Dancing
  66. Pole Dance
  67. Polynesian Dance
  68. Popping
  69. Power Moves
  70. Punking
  71. Quickstep
  72. Reggaeton
  73. Renaissance Dance
  74. Robotics
  75. Rock & Roll
  76. Rumba
  77. Salsa
  78. Samba
  79. Showgirls
  80. Stomp
  81. Street Dance
  82. Street Jazz
  83. Swing
  84. Tango
  85. Tap
  86. Tutting
  87. Two Step
  88. Vogue
  89. Waacking
  90. Waltz
  91. Waving
  92. Zouk
  93. Zumba