Natricia who is also known as the Performance Mentor, is always being asked for advice and tips about this highly competitive industry. From how to get started, funding issues, training, castings and booking more work. However the most frequent question asked is “How can I to improve physically, technically and business wise, so I can maintain a steady work flow?

Come from behind the scenes Natricia has decided to share these tips with everyone. The Performance Mentor will post a series of videos on training, casting, booking jobs and being a working parent in the entertainment industry.

Should you want some advice or need help post your question and Natricia will send you the video. Should your question be private please contact her via the contact page.

Notes from Natrcia
These videos are from my journey and my truth. I can share a million tips including do's and don’ts, to try and save you time, money and a dip in your vibration but as they say "words alone don't teach." This can be a testing industry but such an amazing creative buzz if you are able to maintain your faith in yourself. Believe in yourself or no one else will.

See you soon😘

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