Natricia has worked extensively within the industry, appearing in her first TV commercial at the tender age of 5. Fashion shows and photographic work consistently followed whilst she trained at the Hayes Stage School during her pre-teen and teenage years.

At 15 Natricia insisted that her vocational school let her do her work experience with Susan Hayes. Susan was an in-house choreographer for Production Team. This was unheard of for her school as it was suggested she go to a hairdressers, but with some gentle persuasion and non-stop nagging, they soon gave in.

Within the last month of her then secondary school she was called into the headmistress office and told " Get serious about your life as dance is not a career". Natricia informed her not to worry about her and just focus on herself. Unfortunately her assistant headmistress was her replacement the next year.

Natricia auditioned for and was accepted into both Lanes Theatre Arts and London Studio Centre. She opted for a place at LSC and trained there for 3 years before venturing out into the real world.

As a dancer Natricia worked with great artists, appearing on TV, award shows, theatre and also modeled. From Lionel Richie, Faith hill, Nas to Louis Vuitton.

For 8 years she worked with internationally renowned choreographer La Velle Smith Jr as his European Assistant, choreographer to Michael Jackson and Beyonce. She also assisted many other choreographers, from contemporary to commercial street dance throughout this time frame.

These experiences grounded Natricia. She knew it was time to home in on her own skills & focus all her energy into choreography.

From the clients she has worked with, it can be said that Natricia has finally come into her own. She has worked for some of the world’s biggest artists, brands, events and directors. To name a few: Kanye West, Florence And The Machine, Kasabian, Katy Perry, Mika. Dave Meyers, Joseph Khan, Sophie Muller, Alek Keshishian and Dian Martell

Sir Paul McCartney has since made Natricia a companion at Lipa college, for her mentoring and exceptional achievements within the entertainment industry. Her infusion of different dance styles and techniques has lead her to become one of the most wanted international choreographers and movement directors. She is known as the fixer choreographer, as she always delivery’s regardless of changing scripts treatments and movement genre in this New World .

Natricia has also been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreographer, for Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habit’s” video. Along with being  known as the “Performance Mentor” mentoring performers and underprivileged children to help get more work, strengthen their natural talent and overcome social anxiety.


Work Context:

Advertising, Animation, Ballet Company, Cabaret, Carnival, Circus, Clubs, Commercials, Community, Composer, Corporate events, Corporate Sector, Cruise Ships, Dance Theatre, Devised Theatre, Digital / Internet, Dramaturg, Education, Fashion / Hair Shows, Film, Hotels, Ice Shows, Installations, Live Art/ Performance Art, Live Music, Motion Capture, Music Video, Musical Theatre, Opera, Other, Outdoor events, Own company, Pantomime, Physical Theatre, Pop promos, Puppet shows, Pure dance, Site specific, Sports Events, Stadium & Arena opening and closing ceremonies, Straight Theatre (drama), Street theatre, Television, Trade Shows, Training, Variety Shows, Video, Visual Theatre, Works with masks

Dance Styles: 

Aerial Dance, Air Guitar, African Dance, American Square dancing, Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Bharatnatyam, Breakdancing, Bollywood, Chinese Ribbon, Circus Skills, Classical Ballet, Commercial, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary, Cossack, Fight Direction, Experimental dance, Film, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Historical / Period, Irish Dance, Jazz, Jive, Kathak, Large cast movement and staging specialist, Latin American, Line dancing, Lyrical, Mark Theatre, Mask Theatre, Middle Eastern, Mime, Movement Direction, Musical Theatre, National / Folk, Other, Robotics, Salsa, South Asian, Staging, Street, Street Dance, Tango, Tap, Pointe Work, Underwater and Aqua.