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Importance of Having a Personal Website


Title: Importance of Having a Personal Website


Having a personal website is very important if you want to reach as many people as you can. Almost everyone in the world is connected online today, so a website will give you a good platform from which to compete in the entertainment industry. Creating a personal website nowadays is pretty easy. You don’t need to hard code everything from scratch. Even a nine year old kid who knows how to use a computer can easily create his/her own personal website. You just have to choose any free site builders and start putting content on your website, then buy your own domain. But the question remains. Is it really necessary to have your own personal website?

The following are the significance of having a personal website:
Have Your Own Identity Online

The first step to having a website is to choose a domain name. There are now millions of domain names registered online, so you need to have a memorable and catchy one to develop your own identity. This will be your internet identity, which means that it should fit your business and be very easy for people to find and for you to promote. Having your own domain name will help you to establish a strong brand identity online as well as to set-up email addresses specifically for your business.

The website design theme is also important as it should reflect what you are promoting. The theme will determine the general look of your site. Choose one that you can customize in a variety of ways, including changing the colors, background, shapes, text style choices, and so on.

It can be your instant Portfolio.

We can’t deny the fact that people are visual. So that means, the more you can show, the better. You might indicate in your resume that you have done this and that, but with a personal website, you can show what sets your work apart and why it’s engaging. You can show your experiences by featuring samples of your work, your performances, articles about you as a performer and things about you as a person. Your personal site can act as your digital portfolio in which you can showcase all type of medias you have. Aside from all your work, you will be able to indicate your personal information there, in which people are going to look for.

A Website Is Dynamic and Ever-Changing

Once you accomplish something it can be added to your personal website for others to know about it. Once you are keeping the site up to date, people will come back continually to see what you are doing.

More People Can Find You

If you are making a mark in your industry and people cannot find you online, then this will not help you to succeed. A website will allow more people to find you, as it has a much wider reach than a Twitter or Facebook profile. You can also use it to control what they are seeing first. The key is to establish personal branding and highlight your accomplishments.

Reach New Markets

The internet is now the most cost-effective way to do promotions nationally and internationally. Your website will allow you to take advantage of every opportunity, helping you to reach new markets and remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Get Worldwide Exposure

A personal website will give you many ways to promote yourself in order to improve prominence, online presence and worldwide exposure. You have the option to register your website with many search engines and talent directories that can reach millions of Internet users worldwide. What is important here is to let people know that you are out there, which can be done through SEO marketing. You could send out press releases to various news media about your personal website, promote the site using free banner advertising on different link exchange networks, use online profiles and social networking websites to gain exposure, link your site to all your social media accounts, among other things.

Social media and websites

No matter how much people would deny it, social media just keeps on growing. Facebook is reaching 2.2 billion monthly active users. It’s not just Facebook but most social networking sites as well such as, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. According to HubSpot, Visual content gets shared more likely 40 times on social media than other types of content. Having a personal website with your social media pulled in your site will most likely get your chances on being discovered higher. People are actually searching Instagram for employees and book them for work, it’s like the second Google. So make sure your website is linked to your page.

You have to make yourself stand out to succeed today and a personal website can help you to achieve this success. An engaging, tailored, and presentable CV is important, but your own website is a more reliable and effective tool to accomplish more while building a career in entertainment world.