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How to Get Discovered with the use of Social Media


Title: How to Get Discovered with the use of Social Media


The internet is a very powerful medium that is offering many possibilities for persons in the entertainment industry to build a more profitable and broader audience. Social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are also extremely beneficial for building online presence. You can find some tips below on the possibilities to be discovered online or through social media.

Grab attention:

There are many distractions on the internet to cause people’s attention to dwindle, so you have to find ways to grab their attention. Infographics and sharing some useful information are what readers are after these days. You could do this with good one-liners, slogans, or a great name. Create short interesting videos, catchy cover photos for your pages, channels or accounts. Well, not too over sophisticated, just stick to the theme simple yet classy style.

Use blog or website:

Create a blog or website and add unique keywords and descriptions to all the posts that you can. Having keywords and descriptions placed in strategic ways, you can get discovered more easily from increased exposure and traffic to your blog or site.

Inform and interact through social pages:

When you want to get discovered online, you should not only inform but interact. After creating a source of well-indexed, relevant and useful information on your site or blog, you have to get people to respond to it. For this, you need to become sociable by using all the different social media sites. Engage with your target audience through conversations. You have started the discussion to highlight your talent and other area of interest, so you must continue to contribute as you gain attraction. The social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn combine conversation and content to bring users together with thousands of people, if not more. You should always post answers to questions, respond to comments, offer ideas, following them back and liking their stuffs too and so on. Once readers are involved directly in the conversations they are more likely to share or like your content.

Stay up to date on your social media accounts.

Remember, that it’s important to let your audience or followers know the recent or latest work you have accomplished. Make sure that you upload your work photos and videos in Facebook, Twitter especially in Instagram since Instagram is the most commonly used these days for sharing your photos in a fun and creative way. You can’t gain some followers if your online profiles are outdated and boring right?

If you are generous enough and open to let your fans know some updates in your personal life, like you’re having a vacation somewhere, you’ve eaten such delicious foodie, what’s your outfit of the day (ootd) you can add it on your Instagram stories and Snapchat. But always think first before you click! Put a note on that please!

Be sure that you also upload your showreels to some of the most popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh and many more.

Make use of the hashtags (#).

Hashtags are very commonly used when we talk about social media. We can see this from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to give us a hint what that post is all about. You can even use hashtags for your keywords so your fans or followers or audience especially those big bosses in the entertainment industry can find you quickly on these platforms. Just don’t overuse as it would look spam when hashtags are used the wrong way.

Share on all your social networks.

It can be tricky to get readers to engage socially with you, so you have to share and interact otherwise to increase your content reach. Since you want to get noticed, this will be especially important on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook where the data is used to determine the type of content to bring to their users. After that, you should make your social sharing extremely easy to improve that reach. When social sharing buttons are included in your blog template, every post is going to be well-optimized for social interactions. Remember to ask readers to share or like your content.

The internet and social networks are allowing you to expand your reach for free, so you need to make use of all the available mediums to get discovered in this challenging entertainment industry. More than a million people visit these sites on a daily basis, so the key is to be fun, constant and creative to be successful.

Keep rocking on this new online world era!

Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor