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Marks & Spencer Art of Texture


Title: Art of Texture

Director: Sam Brown

Producer: Kate Hitchings

Production Company: Rogue

Agency: Rainey Kelly

Category: Commercial, Dance, Fashion


Director Sam Brown is extremely talented and now, Natricia Bernard knows why after working with him whilst booked as choreographer and movement director for these 6 Marks and Spencer commercials; Art of Launch, Art of Silhouette, Art of Cashmere, Art of Lingerie, Art of Texture and Art of Online . Natricia had the models on trampolines, turntables, elegantly dropping in the air in Lingerie, bag modeling, cannon stepping and many more. These jam-packed commercials looked super fun with nice attention to detail. Great work to all especially Mr. Brown and the creatives.

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Movement Genre: Movement Direction, Staging, Trampoline

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