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Marks & Spencer Art of Cashmere


Title: Art of Cashmere

Director: Sam Brown

Producer: Kate Hitchings

Production Company: Rogue

Agency: Rainey Kelly

Category: Commercial, Dance, Fashion


Director Sam Brown is extremely talented and now, Natricia Bernard knows why after working with him whilst booked as choreographer and movement director for these 6 Marks and Spencer Art of Launch, Art of Silhouette, Art of Cashmere, Art of Lingerie, Art of Texture and Art of Online commercials. Natricia had the models on trampolines, turntables, elegantly dropping in the air in Lingerie, bag modeling, cannon stepping and many more. These jam-packed commercials looked super fun with nice attention to detail. Great work to all especially Mr. Brown and the creatives.

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Movement Genre: Movement Direction, Staging, Trampoline

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