Title: Ruthless

Featuring: Max Verstappen

Category: Commercial


Director duo Ricardo Jones & Airton Carmignani booked Natricia to work on the choreography of this beautiful Esso Ruthless commercial featuring Red Bull race driver Max Verstappen being hit 127 times and still moving forward.

Mass movement director Natricia had 250 Boxers creating wave and flowing movement combinations using only boxing moves. After casting hundreds of boxers and a number of rehearsals, this mass movement job comes together. See above on the 0:20 second version, however on the 0:75 second version, it shows the true beauty of this work and the power of this mass movement. Let’s hope it will be released soon for the public to see and win some awards.

Director: Ricardo Jones & Airton Carmignani

Choreographer : Natricia Bernard

Producer: Simon Eakhurst

Production Company: Stink

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Movement Genre: Boxing, Charting, Mass Movement, Movement Direction, Stunt

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