Title: Restless For A Reason

Featuring: Taylor Haines

Category: Commercial, Documentary


Natricia worked with amazing director Mark Zibert and dancer Taylor Haines for the new AXA campaign.

Taylor is a young dancer from Anchorage, Alaska. She was born with bone disorder called Fibular Hemimelia and was fitted with a prosthetic leg at a very young age. She’s a dancer and athlete with previously doing cheerleading and of course being the person thrown in mid-air. Her prosthetic leg is an extension of her body and her great movement.

Natricia raved on how Mark was an outstanding director, as he uses every moment to capture footage with sometimes 3 cameras going at the same time. Mark effortlessly got on his Segway and films with DOP Ross Giardina whilst Natricia taught Taylor and the girls were dancing and flipping around the room. Everything being very real and more of a documentary feel than a staged commercial.
This seamless and raw footage was smoothly captured with a camera that cost thousands.

Natricia herself was also featured in this film playing the role of a choreographer. Is she convincing?

AXA is invested in over 500 research projects to make people’s lives better and safer.

Director: Mark Zibert

Choreographer : Natricia Bernard

Executive Producer: Charlie Crompton

Producer: Sophie Weldon

Production Company: Rogue

Agency: Fallon London

Movement Genre: Contemporary, Commercial Dance

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Behind the Scenes

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