Title: Restless For A Reason

Featuring: Taylor Haines

Director: Mark Zibert

Executive Producer: Charlie Crompton

Producer: Sophie Weldon

Production Company: Rogue

Agency: Fallon London

Category: Commercial, Documentary


Natricia worked with dancer Taylor Haines who was born with a bone disorder called Fibular Hemimelia and was fitted with a prosthetic leg at a very young age.

While preparing for AXA Restless for a Reason campaign choreography, Natricia was asked if she would be in the film playing Taylor’s teacher, as she was already choreographing it. Now with the tables turned Natricia has to practice what she teaches and delivers. As a choreographer, making sure the routine is set and strong and also hitting her own marks. However, this being a very natural and real shoot, more like a documentary, it was like a behind the scenes as why T (Taylor) and T (Natricia) forgot sometimes. When they wrapped, Director Mark Zibert told Natricia she played a believable choreographer. As a result, lucky for her or that would be very concerning. lol

Watch the full film here and check out the shoot photos.

Movement Genre: Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Street Dance

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