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Modelling for Beginners


Title: Modelling - The world of Glitz and Perfect Dreams


Do you dream on being the next Kendall Jenner, making a debut on Forbes magazine? Do you want to be a model? Modelling nowadays has become a much flaunted choice of career with thousands of aspiring people of both gender. Relying on your luck to get spotted is now gone. The chances of that happening is down to one-in-a-million now. To become a great model, it requires discipline, effort and perseverance.

The entertainment world is growing at a very fast pace. Modelling is one of the most lucrative sides of the entertainment industry. In fact, surveys have shown that, one out of every three youngsters prefers choosing a career in Modelling. However, it is not always a win-win situation for every modelling aspirant. Modelling in the competitive entertainment industry needs talent.

Many guides are available to train young aspirants about how to become a successful model. Nevertheless, in spite of all the training and tips, it is essential to remember a few important facts while working towards your goal of being a successful young model.

Do not follow fashion and trend

Every living being is different from the other. It is always not necessary that two people wearing the same dress might look beautiful. Young models should dress up based on their complexion, figure, and level of comfort. Being comfortable and confident in your skin does half the job in entertainment industry.

Do exercises, eat healthy, and sleep well

Late night parties and irregular work schedule is the most common feature of the entertainment industry. Modelling assignments often last for days together. It is important to maintain proper diet and exercise regime alongside a good sleeping pattern of at least 6 to 8 hours daily. You might want to work with a trainer who specifically works with models. Tell him/her how you would want to look, and your goals for your modelling career. As an exercise regimen that would strongly support your goals. If can’t afford to hire a personal trainer, there are a lot of website that offers free fitness content and that will help you with your goals.

Take care of your skin

Photography is an essential part of modelling. Working under high-powered lights and with lots of makeup are among the few occupational hazards of modelling. To avoid premature damage of hair and skin, regular care and nourishment is necessary. Young models tend to forget this basic rule and before the arrival of the actual spotlight, their skin are damaged beyond repair

It is not always about beauty

Young models as beginners should remember that modelling is not about being only beautiful. A model is someone who has a unique stage presence, be it on the runway or during a still photo shoot. What matters is presenting the perfect image of serenity and tranquility. Porcelain dolls are also beautiful but they are not models

Find the Right Agency

Every model is in need of a modelling agency. Getting seen by a modelling agency is the first step on getting signed by an agency. In order to be seen needs a simple compliance; shots of yourself. In the modelling industry, these shots are commonly called as “digitals”. Modelling agencies look for the most natural and simple photos possible for they can really see you as you. Do your background check on the modelling agency that you’re going to sign up with. Most importantly, make sure if an agency is legit. Do their agency have bad reviews or can they be easily verified? What is the agency’s submission process or specific guidelines? Which models have their agency worked for in the past and in the present? Is their agency working with established companies and brands?

Submit your shots or “digitals” to your top picks once you feel confident on finding the modelling agencies that would be a good fit for you. If you receive a call to meet the agency in person, be sure to do more research before the meeting. You don’t have to be a walking model encyclopedia. Just be aware and informed.

Have patience

Modelling is an extremely competitive world with thousands of aspirants entering the entertainment industry everyday with same dreams as you. Rejection is a typical scenario for models. In spite of all the hurdles if one can show patience, can stand sturdy and has that something special then success is bound to come knocking some time soon.

Learn to differentiate

There are numerous modelling agencies in the entertainment industry. However, genuine and well-established modelling agencies are very few. For the sake of earning some extra cash, more than often young models are into the wrong side of the business by these agencies. Instead of being lured, it is better to take the safer route and wait for an opportunity from an established name.

Naomi Campbell, Kate Moses and Cindy Crawford are among those many real life stars that battled all odds to reach the position they are now in. Beauty and glamour is not what defines Modelling; it is the ability to promote anything and everything and enhance the beauty of the surrounding scenario.