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Choosing a Good Agent and Manager


Title: Choosing a Good Agent and Manager


There are only a few, who make it in the entertainment industry, but have you ever thought how? The simple answer to this is that, they are able to get success in this field by taking the help of an experienced agent and manager, who are able to get them into the proper castings and auditions, which will best suit them. This is the reason, a talented person with an agent and manager, can crack the code to enter the entertainment industry in less time compared with others.

Here are some helpful tips for you on how to find your perfect agent and manager for your success path in the entertainment industry:

  1. Do a lot of research online:

Before thinking to hire anybody for this position, the very first thing that you should do, is check out the list of agent and manager in the entertainment industry that best suit them. Research them related to their current work and previous clients. You also need to research about their personal lives, like their background, do they have a criminal record? Are they legit or scam?

This reality check of your potential agent and manager will not only ensure your future, but it may help to avoid getting into the web of bad and untrustworthy people, who are in good numbers in the entertainment industry. Meet some of their clients personally and cross check, whether this agent and manager are worth signing up to and will be able to give a shining future for your talent. Personally in this day and age, I think checking their online profiles and researching them online is just a must.

  1. Interview your potential agent and manager:

Once you come down to one or two, put out a request for a meeting. Ask him/her about his/her work, his/her old clients, what he/she sees in yourself, how many contacts he/she has related to casting directors, producers, directors, agencies, photographers, academics and many more.

Everything is viral nowadays so a video call thru Skype, Facebook or Zoom is just as good as an office meeting, especially if you’re in different time zones.

  1. Discuss your needs:

It is always better to tell him/her, what exactly you want to be in the world of entertainment; like what kind of dance style you are into, if you’re a freestyler, or used to choreographed routine, so he/she can accordingly introduce you to people related to that area. He/she should be capable of suggesting you to some of the best names in the entertainment world for your big break. They need to have more to offer than what you can do yourself via the net and Instagram or even on YouTube.

  1. Negotiation:

Once you have finalised the Agent and Manager, it is better to negotiate with their fee and other expenses beforehand; so that they will be happy to work for you. As most of the time, money matters become the issue of conflict between the talent and the agent.

  1. Have a friendly relationship with your agent and manager:

Once you finalised your agent and manager for your bright future in the entertainment world, make sure that you both have a friendly approach, so that you both can work out really well and he/she is able to recognise your talent and get you the best options to showcase it.

Follow your intuition and be respectful. Treat people like you would like to be treated and be professional. Think people as your friends. Crossing the line could mess up your future connections as it’s a small world.

If you apply some of the above mentioned tips to hire an agent and a manager from the entertainment industry, then your talent will get the ultimate break and end up successful in the entertainment world.


Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor