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Is who you know more important than what you know?


Title: Is who you know more important than what you know?


Most people don’t want to admit this, but it is necessary for an individual to have an edge to achieve success at times, especially when pursuing careers in the entertainment field. For this reason many are asking this common question: Is who you know more important than what you know?

The answer is yes and no. I personally believe you need talent first but then yes, you need to be with the right agent, manager, producer etc. However, when you’re good they will come find you. But you do need to start somewhere so let’s go with what research says and that is yes.  You will find that those who reach to the top have done so much after establishing some solid connections. Some studies show that success relies on relationships or connections and will not come only from talent and hard work.  You will be surprised to know the extent to which a network of connections can affect one’s career and success.

Why Who You Know is More Important to One’s Career

If you are working with an adviser, an agent or a coach, then you will definitely learn how important it is to network. This is now considered an important key to success as many believe that who you know will play a more vital role if you want to reach your target. They have a wide range of contract, sometimes contracts you could never buy and having these recommendations can change and push your dancing, acting or music career.  They have been in the game a long time so they have knowhow and legal knowledge, which is exactly what networking is about.

Social media:

The social media platforms are now making it easier for everyone to make contacts and build relationships. You just need to message people and there you go a new booking, a casting, a referral etc. All you have to do is message someone or click like to contact and collect information about them, their companies or organizations within seconds. These social media networking sites are tools towards easy access connection cutting out the middle man, as you are able to meet business partners, associates, and others to maintain a living network. You could have a message notification and there you go a new booking, a casting, a referral or husband lol, but very true in this day and age. When you want to advance in life, the social connections and ultimately who you know are more important than what you know. But you better be able to deliver as there is also no better marketing than word of mouth. Good or bad, you will have people talking about you.

Good support from others:

You cannot succeed from the knowledge that you gain from school or any other formal training or the skills that you have if you are not getting good support from someone who is successful in your chosen field. This is one of the main areas where who you know can make a big difference. For instance, many managers, directors or producers in the entertainment industry want to work with who they know or who comes highly recommended from other professionals or acquaintances.

Overall, networking is very important and you definitely need to do it to advance in your career. It is not a self-seeking, greedy, or unprofessional tactic, but something that is a part of modern business. You have to see an opportunity in everything, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to persons who you might not speak to normally as you never know who you can meet. When you know the right people you will be a one step ahead of the competition.