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How to Live Healthy


Title: How to Live Healthy


A healthy life is the key to happiness. A healthy person has a face adorned with happiness and his/her life shining with the brightness. Remaining healthy is not at all a difficult task as some of you may be presuming. With some simple changes in your daily routine, you can have an overwhelming healthy physique that nobody can take away from you.

Let’s get into the brief of what a healthy lifestyle should include:

The healthy definition of “active”:

I AM ACTIVE in no way means locking yourself in the gym, and your treadmill making you run forever.  Activeness is what we mean by the amount of time we don’t seat lazily in front of the television or laptop.  Walk and breathe in the fresh air and get a lot of exercise in an open space. Sweat out your impurities by setting a definite number of walking steps in your daily routine and let the fitness a compulsory part of your life.

If possible, just walk. Make an effort to at least walk, instead of using your motorcycle or car. Most especially if it’s something within walking distance. Negate your stationary work life by doing that.

A mindful gobbling can save you in the long run:

When we mean attention by being mindful, we need to apply it rightfully while eating.  A right diet has a plethora of evidences to prove its righteousness in the fact that it can reduce weight, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. Make provisions for ringing this in your mind next time when you are snacking at an odd time and that too without a rational reason.

Healthy foods are a source of relief in your life since they keep you away from unnecessary health conditions and stress. Green tea, beetroot juice, etc. are some of the healthy additions to your daily diet.

Meditate and you will get all the answer:

Incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily regime. It will let go off the stress of the day. Yoga and meditation work best on your physical and mental health to give you the desired healthy lifestyle.

Sunshine to bring shine to your life:

Sunshine is a natural boost for your health. The rays will hit your body to produce the much-required Vitamin D which is vital in fighting heart diseases, depression, osteoporosis and even cancer.

Avoid Negativity.

You should not just focus on your physical health. If you want to stay healthy as a whole, consider your mental health as well. Whatever you allow into your life, eventually, you would become that. Stay positive and things would turn around for the better.

As much as possible, end toxic friendships and relationships. Cut off anything or anyone who is trying to bring you down.

Take time away from technology.

We know you are used to using your phone, laptop, TV and even your PlayStation. But sometimes, taking some time away from technology is a good thing. People nowadays tend to spend more time on their phones, watching their TV and playing their PlayStation, than working out, doing the chores and attending to their family. Taking some time away from technology won’t just help you get healthy mentally, but also physically.

Healthy life is always within reach; the trick is to know the correct ways. A healthy life is the key to all the happiness in the world and is a long term commitment. Healthy foods with the right calorie intake and the correct amount of exercise are some of the simple ingredients to cook a life of health and fitness. Follow the above steps to pave the way for a better tomorrow.