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Benefits of Having a Showreel, Blog and Social Media Accounts when you’re a Performer


Title: Benefits of Having a Showreel, Blog and Social Media Accounts when you’re a Performer


Are you a performer or a dancer who is trying to get an agent or more spotlight? If so, you have come to the right place as this article will highlight some of the benefits of having a showreel, blog and social media accounts when you’re a performer.

Easy Access Information

A blog or website can provide a performer with many benefits as it’s the best place to have all information, including CV, portfolio, showreels, etc. Especially if you’re a dancer, having a website is important. It’s a one stop shop in showcasing everything especially your media.  It’s easily accessible to everyone at any time and can be used to share your interests as well as give background information on your creative process and work. If you have a web address with your own name and create content that others appreciate, you’ll have no problems getting visitors to your pages. People in this day and age are very active in using different social media platforms so link all your social media accounts as well in your website or insert it in your blogs, don’t you ever forget that.

Have the opportunity to self-promote cleverly

How would you be noticeable without annoying people or creating a bad name for yourself? You can benefit a lot from self-promotion on the social media platforms if you don’t over-extend yourself and focus on really relevant and useful content to your followers. Don’t be spammy! It’s a big NO NO in an online world. If you are networking with the right people, the exposure can lead to more work, and possible endorsements.

Increased visibility

There are many opportunities for you to gain popularity through social marketing by using different social media tools such as social bookmarking sites, social networking sites, photo and video sharing sites, and blogs to spread information. It can be challenging for a performer to navigate social media, but having an Instagram account, Tumblrs, Twitter handles, YouTube channel, Googleplus account, LinkedIn account and a Facebook profile page that is fully branded can be really helpful. Instagram is one of the most powerful media platform these days where you can showcase your performing arts’ crafts via videos and photos. It also helps in building connections or linking to directors, other cast members, production companies, agencies and other professional individuals you have worked within the entertainment industry.

Keep on giving an update to your followers on what is happening in your work/career or a sneak peek on how life is treating you. You can add that in your Instagram stories which allows you to have a live video in it or using Snapchat for your “at the moment” (#atm) live stories.

Get discovered for audition or casting

It is very important for every performer to have a showreel today. Showreels give insight for a producer, director, casting director, agency or choreographer to see you at your very best before an audition, interview or casting. It is a summary of your work and skills or talents. In fact, some casting directors are only considering performers for auditions or castings after seeing their skills demonstrated in showreels. You need to make a showreel as soon as you have an archive of work that you can show off proudly to capture the attention of the right people in the entertainment industry.

Just ensure that you keep everything professional because some performers get more work, while others are get fined and lost job from inappropriate posting. If you have a lot of brilliant dance videos and want to put them in your showreel, you need to keep the file size small. They are only going to see the first ten to fifteen seconds or even less than that, so you need to add only the best video at the beginning.

There are thousands of performers and dancers in the entertainment industry these days, so you must strive to be the very best at all times. You must promote yourself properly to enjoy all of these benefits and more in a huge industry that is growing constantly and a bit challenging. Ultimately, make sure that you are doing everything possible to get steady earnings and have a successful career. Good luck in your journey!

Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor