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Working Whilst Being Pregnant Tips


Title: Working Whilst Being Pregnant Tips


Pregnancy is the best thing that happens in a woman’s life, but are you ever truly prepared?

Yes, it brings joy and excitement in the world, but it also changes your world especially if you’re a creative performer and self-employed.  Every woman’s experience and trimesters throughout their pregnancy are different, so there’s not really one rule. You have to find your own way based on your life, lifestyle, job and support you have.  Some women chose not to work while some have no other option. I personally see my job as my hobby but I’m also a workaholic so need to now when to let go, no matter how fun it is. Regardless of your circumstances, these tips might help you in your experience so you enjoy working whilst still enjoying this magical change.

Tip 1

Keep organized
Keep everything noted from the Doctor/Midwife appointments to your office/home work. Note them down in your phone, laptop or your calendar. This will help you get reminded of your responsibilities and help you keep on track without having too much in your head.

Tip 2

Medical records
Always keep your red/ pregnancy book with you especially as if you're still performing.

Tip 3

Keep all your Doctor/Midwife appointments
Don’t miss these important appointments, or reschedule them as soon as you know what your latest work routine is. As it’s important to monitor your baby’s growth and be consistent on your routine check and tests. Every pregnancy is different and some people need more checks and so forth.

Tip 4

Tell your boss or agent
When you’re ready to inform the people you need to. It will be easier if you will tell your agent first so you can discuss your options with regards to your maternity leave and if you even intend on going back to work etc.

Tip 5

Monitor how you feel
Keep notes of how you feel so you know when something is off. I thought I was going into labour at 7 months of my pregnancy, but it was just bad wind. The shame of it.

Tip 6

Be early
Everyone has a different pregnancy. Some people like me have no morning sickness but, I had nose bleeds randomly every now and then. Whilst I had a friend who spent most of her pregnancy with her head over the toilet, or a bowl by her side. Get to work early so you can get settled and be comfortable.

Tip 7

Stay happy
After having a stressful experience I had a fibroid bust in me which I didn’t know I even had. It had grown as big as 5 inches. I actually thought it was Bella's head poking out. After going to the hospital the nurse said, "What’s that? I told her, “Well if you don't know I got no chance have I?” I was told stress helped trigger it off like a shock effect. Some people say the pain is worse than childbirth and now I understand. It actually shrunk within a week and they never checked me for it again. However, try not to overthink, it's not worth it. Stay around with positive people who will not stress you.

Tip 8

Be prepared
Bring your snacks and your treats as you never know when you’re going to get hungry. Also bring different clothing layers for on set and good shoes.

Tip 9

Eat well
Eat 3 times a day or more. You and your baby need all those healthy and nutritious foods like sliced raw vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cheese, sprouts, soya, milk and egg products. These are essential for the development of the baby. I personally never had any soya and at month 5, I loved hand cooked crisps no matter how much I tried to fight it.

Tip 10

Make sure you get enough supplements from fruits, juices and any source vitamins. Being a mom is a tough job; handling both pregnancy and work you’ll need all the energy you can get.

Tip 11

Know when to request a chair, if you’re like me most your work is on your feet and shoots can be long hours. In truth before being pregnant I always knew when to take a seat next to my director to watch the monitor closely. If you're a performer, you really need to listen to your body and stop working in a healthy safe time for your baby. There will always be another job, but god forbid anything happens to your baby you’ll never forgive yourself. Never be ashamed to ask for a break. I’m sure you’re not one of them moms that overplay the pregnancy card, as they wouldn’t be on the set. They’re too busy posting about how hard it is to get out of bed on social media.

Tip 12

Wear the right clothing
Wear clothing you’re comfortable to move around in, for me I needed room to breathe so most people didn’t know I was pregnant till I was nearly 6 months.

Tip 13

Know when you can no longer fly in your pregnancy. I was cleared to travel up to 8 months even though I did’nt need to. Check with your airlines and make sure you don't need a letter from your doctor.

Tip 14

No alcohol and smoke
These are bad for your health especially for the baby. Consumption of these may cause problems in your pregnancy and worse it may cause severe birth defects for the baby. But you do what’s best for you.

Tip 15

Walking maybe simple but it helps circulate blood to your system and may reduce any risk in your pregnancy. When sitting too long go for a little work. If you’re still dancing, you’re already exercising.