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Things to Consider to be a Choreographer


Title: Things to Consider to be a Choreographer


The choreographer is the one who creates and arranges the movements and formations that matches the music, treatment and mood of the project. This person works within different dance styles. Easy to say but being a choreographer is fun and creative but a very serious career. So let’s talk about the things to consider to be a Choreographer.

Most choreographers started out as a dancer. This is a good foundation as you need to understand what you yourself expect from your dancers. A choreographer must understand every movement from the planning, creativity to delivery. You must be inspired for the right movement so your artist, director, client are all pleased. Know your music and understand your environment. You can’t just dance a cha-cha with a rock track, unless that is your purpose. Those elements should seamlessly blend together resulting to a flawless choreography. A choreographer must know the style and steps which best showcase the routines for his/her dancers. A choreographer must be supportive that his/her dancers can freely and comfortably open up any concerns. He/she is in charge with the well-being of the dancers by keeping the choreography safe in lifts etc..

A choreographer not only works on the movements and formations, they also work the music used for the routine. For me, this is where it all starts. Choosing the right music and editing them is not easy. If you are given the music you need to bond with it, start composing the movements by repeatedly listening the music. Carefully timing out the movements making sure the steps are in sync with the beats.

Choreography is fun and exciting, however, this can be as quick as a day or months work. A choreographer could spend hours, weeks or even months designing the movements, editing the music and practicing the dance routine over and over again, till it’s perfect and ready to present, whether the choreography is for an audition, workshop, theater production or TV show.

A choreographer must choose the right partner and friends in life. The life of a choreographer is very competitive and very busy. They are always on the go, keeping up with the latest and creating the new trends. His/her partner,  family and friends must be very supportive and understand the nature of his/her job. You simply need a clear head and have no room for drama or people who want to take too much energy or time, because it can effect your own creative flow.

A choreographer can be the source of inspiration for others. They are not only teaching dancers, actors, singers, models and athletes but also helping them go out of their comfort zone. Choreographers help actors and singers to come out of their shell and bring out the best in them. Choreographers don’t just develop movements but also they inject passion, beauty and strength into their performers, so they can deliver their best performance with confidence. Well, a good choreographer does.