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Dubai World Cup


Title: Dubai World Cup 2011

Director: John Young

Associate Creative: Natricia Bernard

Production Company: M-is

Choreographer : Natricia Bernard

Category: Live, Acrobats, Ballet Dancers, Models


Dubai World Cup 2011, Mass movement director Natricia Bernard had a cast of over 200 people in harnesses in the air. Unfortunately no footage was allowed to be taken as part of contracts. However, there is a gallery of photos and selective footage found sourced from the internet.

Natricia Bernard worked closely with head creative John Young as an associate creative, aerial specialist, choreographer and mass movement director.

The main cast was eight aerialists who were also dancers, taken 60 meters into the air while doing choreographed routine which last about 15 minutes throughout the whole show.

The main 3 floats of horse heads were Godolphin Head, Darley Head and Byerley Head. These contain 20-30 performers each. Natricia used people holding hula-hoops to form patterns in the fabric of the horses while doing mass movement with the use of cannons and ripples.

All performers are securely harness in as it take about 20 minutes to get to the top level of these horse heads. Below you can see the effect from pushing on the material.

You can see how big the horses were! Please excuse my crazy team, these were just shared so you can visualize the scale of this project.

The next float was the sports’ float hosting 4 aerialists and 4 ground performers; doing a tennis formation routine, flipping, turning and jumping on each pass. There was also an Entertainment stage, The book stage, Skyline stage, Gateway tower, Skyline stage, Godolphin stage and Skyline Fashion stage.

Movement Genre: Acrobatics, Aerial, Contemporary, Contortion, Dance Fusion, Mass Movement, Movement Direction

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