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Maoam Air Band


Title: Maoam Air Band

Director: Oskar Bard

Creative Director: Rob Fletcher

Choreographer : Natricia Bernard

Producer: Ben Roberts

Production Company: Hungry Man UK

Agency: Isobel

Movement Genre: Commercial Dance, Movement Direction

Category: Commercial


Maoam has brought us a worldwide air band featuring Vincent Roussel, Annabel Kutay, Jessica Hann and Bastian Faehrmann. Director Oskar Bard cut no corners for this fun pack, quirky commercial working with movement director and choreographer Natricia Bernard. Shooting in a cool car park the band played their way from one level to another.

Instruments include but not limited to air guitar, air drumming, air Trumpet, air saxophone, air Keyboard and of course Air tambourine.

What air instrument do you play?

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