Client: HSBC & Shelter

Title: Vicious Circle

Category: Commercial


It’s very sad but so true that just not having one thing leads to a lot of closed doors in other areas of your life. This commercial address the hidden truth that without a bank account your limited and going round in circles.  HSBC UK has partnered with Shelter to help people without a fixed address to open a bank account, helping to break the vicious circle of homelessness.

Natricia was hired by director Siri Bunford to work on this commercial as a movement director, which is very close to her heart. Having first-hand experience with working soup kitchens and making so many friends she understands the frustration and challenges people have trying to get back on the ladder, or as their falling off the ladder in this simple game of life we all live.

Siri directed this turning piece with actors Clare Aster and Mohsen Ghaffari, Greg Blackford, Emma Powell, Fisayo Odubanjo and Mihai Arsene

Here’s hoping this helps as many people as possible.

Director: Siri Bunford

Creative Director: Mike Watson

Movement Director: Natricia Bernard

DOP: Christopher Sabogal

Producer: Matthew Brown

Production Company: Kuncklehead

Agency: Wunderman Thompson

Stylist: Justine Luxton

Make Up: Robert Frampton


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