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Alex Adair & Delayers Ft. Samantha Harvey


Title: Dominos

Featuring: Alex Adair, Delayers and Samantha Harvey

Director: Charlie Targett-Adams

Producer: Nkem Egbuchiri

Production Company: Stvdium

Movement Genre: Contemporary, Movement Direction, Pop, Quirky

Category: Video


Choreographer and movement director Natricia Bernard worked with director Charlie Targett-Adams for Dominos video. Beautiful location with awesome artists Alex Adair & Delayers featuring YouTube sensation Samantha Harvey. With dancers Iara Raiane, Kate Ivory, Kaylee Jaiyeola, Taitlyn Jaiyeola, Megan Makin and Sophie Atkins, models Augustina Ruiz and Laverne Dunkley, and background artist Kamil Lemieszewski, Davinya Cooper, Horacia, Olivia Hawkins, Nancy Wallace and Yasmin Voong. Loads of cannons and domino effects, it was indeed a job well done!

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