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Do You Need to go to Dance College?


Title: Do You Need to go to Dance College?


Is it really important to go to college to become a dancer?

This video has tips which may help you decide what is best for you on your creative journey in the entertainment industry.

Remember we’re all different, what works for you may not be the best choice for me. Allow your own creative mind to help you decide as you are the only person that is responsible for your life.
Also allow yourself to change your mind, there is no wrong.
We never fail, we just learn more on what we don’t want. Sucks sometimes to hear that, yet later on in life you could be laughing about that lesson. Thus, experience is the best teacher. 🙂
Sometimes I’m so impatient, I want it all now, not tomorrow. But this industry is not like your mum and dad. You can’t cry to get your own way, you are just another amazingly talented, beautiful performer, yet there are 10 thousand more of you. So enjoy the journey as we’re so lucky to do a job that is so creatively free and stay strong.

The video tips cover

Tip 1

Can you afford to go to college?
Choose a college that has the teachers you need.

Tip 2

Are you prepared to do your resume/CV’s, accounts, social media, finding an agent/manager?

Tip 3

Would the qualifications help you on your other performance jobs?

Tip 4

Are you lazy? Are you strong enough to do your own timetable?

Tip 5

Do you know all your options?

Tip 6

Are you lost in the training system, getting comfortable?

Tip 7

Ready to go to castings in the real world?