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Juggling Children and Working as a Performer


Title: Juggling Children and Working as a Performer


This is a big challenge for every mother who is also a performer.  This can take a toll on every working mother especially performers. You need to have a sheer determination to balance family and career. I hope these tips might make the challenge a bit easier.

Tip 1

Careful planning
You need to plan things out, add everything you do with a schedule. Losing track of even a single thing can tip you off of your plan and career. What time do you need to get up in the morning? How much can you do before the baby awakes? Do you have child care? What are the hours? Do you have the baby food, clothes, spare clothes, medications, baby’s list all prepared? What are your travel plans? Have you given yourself enough time to drop off, say bye and sort any last minute issues before you go to work? Do you need to take a lunch so you can rest in your lunch break and check in with the baby?

After work, what’s your plans for the evening? Playing with the baby, feeding the baby, bathing the baby? Also, do you have homework you need to do after the baby is sleeping?

As you can see, being a parent can be exhausting, let alone being a performer, so you need to carefully schedule your day or you will have a ripple effect of delays, problems etc. You can do this by note on your phone, calendar or a piece of paper, but alerts and reminders are better, especially if you lose your paper.

Tip 2

Keep it real
Have realistic goals for each day. Don’t overload yourself with work and task and think you can finish them in a day. Stressing yourself will not help you in anyway, it will just lead to more mistakes and tip you off balance. It will never be done and there will always be more to do than you first think. Knowing that may help you let go, as we can be very hard on ourselves.

Tip 3

Talk time with the baby
Babies and children are more intelligent than you think. They understand more and more each day, they feed off your energy and their environment. Make sure that you have a little down time with your little one no matter what’s going on. Time to laugh and cuddle, play and bond.

If it’s baby time, it’s baby time. When you are spending quality time with your baby like playing games, chatting with the baby or even storytelling, try not let a phone from work interrupts the moment. Try to disconnect from the world, spend 20-30 minutes to turn off those electronic devices or gadgets such as phones, laptops, TV and etc. Because moments like these are very important for both of you and can help develop the baby-mother relationship.

Tip 4

Get all the help you can get
We are just human beings and we need to rest at the end of the day. So, spare time is essential. If you have a nanny, a friend or a family to help, take it, trust me you need it. You need to breath and relax in between work and family life.