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How to Become a Good Dancer


Title: How to Become a Good Dancer


Dancing is an art form, the art of body movements connected together to create one flowing routine. To be good in this art form requires a great amount of determination, hard work and mental discipline. As a choreographer, I share these tips in the hope these will help you on your journey as  a dancer.

Tip 1

Keep your body in shape
Good dancer’s investment is their body. Keeping your body in tip-top shape is a must, an audition can come in at any time. Maintaining a good posture and love yourself. Exercising before and after every rehearsal, class or performance should be part of your daily routine to help you prevent injuries and have a longer career. It’s really sad when a great dancer can no longer perform because their body won’t allow it. Sometimes dance is all you know and there is no plan B.

Tip 2

Get a good dance teacher
There are a number of dance styles and teachers out there, you can use each one for different things. Train with people that help you grow as a performer, giving you good dance routines, techniques but also teaching you how to learn from your mistakes. Not every teacher can give you that one to one care you get in a college, but should you come across a teacher or mentor that helps you realize your true qualities as a dancer or even a school that fuels all your needs, make use of that experience. You may be unsure if you want to go to a college or just independently train if you’re unsure get some help on dance schools.

Tip 3

Practice with a mirror
No one can be a better critic for you than yourself, study hard and know your weakness. Make your weakness your strength. When in a studio use your mirror, cause when you’re preforming, there is no mirror. You can adjust your awkward movement directly and also check your posture. Watch the choreographer closely so you can improve from mistakes and develop your skill twice as fast.

Tip 4

Show your talent
Don’t be shy, overcome insecurities or they will eat you up and hold you back. Perform whenever and wherever you can. Film yourself and watch back your video and perfect your talent. This will develop your self-confidence and thus bring out the best in you. Remember, a classroom dancer is different to a performer. You can do this by applying to dance auditions, putting yourself out there. Just check out these tips. That way you can perform under any circumstances with diverse dancers and creatives.

Tip 5

Practice makes perfect
This common phrase makes a difference to the kind of dancer you are. No other words needed, practice makes perfect. Like any other skill, practicing the basics and other techniques improves your control, timing and rhythm. This makes your movements more fluid and precise. It sets you above everyone else. Like a boxer who conditions and trains their body and mind, a dancer does as well.

Tip 6

Be creative
The basics are essential to become a dancer, but if you want to be better or even the best, you need to get out of your comfort zone and explore your limits. Be creative and discover endless possibilities in your movements styles. A break dancer that is also a contemporary dancer is more entertaining to watch than just a breaker.

Tip 7

A good dancer is not bound to one style. A good dancer knows a number of styles and can infuse these even if they’re just a freestyler. There are loads of resources out there, learning portals from college, classes, private classes, workshops, videos, and the game has changed. Be open and adapt your dance style making you not just a good dancer but also a versatile one. A versatile dancer can mix up different dance styles to create a one of a kind and original dance composition.

Tip 8

Love what you are doing
All the sacrifices and efforts will be wasted if you allow all the little tests and problems in your career hold you back and quit. Loving your talent first and giving your best to every practice and performance keeps you on track and makes you strong in this industry .