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How to be Confident on Stage


Title: How to be Confident on Stage


It is common for people to feel nervous or fearful when performing on stage. However, this will not be a good thing if those feelings are preventing you from pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. You have to deal with those issues if you are involved in dancing or performing in front of many people, whether on theater, streets, events, competition or even during a dance audition.

If you are a potential dancer or performer, you need to have a stage presence that shows confidence all the time. You don’t have to worry if this is something that comes outside your comfort zone because taking a dance class can help you learn and practice how to excel in a stage performance.

Here are a few tips on how to have confidence on stage.
  1. Always make eye contact.

When you are performing on stage, you need to connect with the audience or to the crowd. A good way to do is to focus on a few of the friendly faces.

  1. Maintain your posture.

If you have good posture, others will believe that you are confident, even if you are feeling uncomfortable. For most people, standing tall with chest out and shoulder back helps them to feel more commanding and dominant, but not too stiff. Do this and you will look and feel more confident on stage. Dance with confidence and grace.

  1. Put a smile on your face.

Smiling will put you as well as the audience or crowd at ease. When you do this naturally, you will be more comfortable and relaxed, plus others around you will feel the same. Once you are sincere, you can capture attention and even build allies before the performance starts. Maintain that smile when dancing or performing. Spread the good vibes! 😉

  1. Perform in an alter ego character.

This will not only help you to become confident, but also a chance to bring out your rock star characteristics. You are also getting to ignore perceived flaws and improve upon them. As a truly dancer or performer, they always put hearts in every performance. They don’t just dance it, but perform it! They perform with their souls.

  1. Do some breathing techniques.

When you are a performer or a dancer, your breathing patterns are likely to change if you become nervous. It will be very helpful if you take some time to do a bit of deep breathing before going on stage. This helps you loosen up the tension and get you back on track to focus on your performance.

  1. Learn to cover mistakes.

You must know how to recover from any mistake to build confidence for a stage performance. Don’t stop dancing or performing, rather try to catch up with the dance routine. The audience or crowd might not take notice of a mistake if you do not overreact. Just concentrate on the steps and stop thinking that you made a mistake so you won’t be lost in track.

  1. Practice.

It is important to practice, even if you have a natural talent. Don’t take practice for granted and be over confident with your knowledge that you already memorised the dance routine. Your confidence will only become stronger with more experience. You will know what to expect and be more skillful at handling surprises if you already master it. Thus, you need to keep on practicing so by the end of the day you will accomplish a perfect performance.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow if you want to know how to be confident on stage. Just remember that having a good stage presence shows that you are a professional who knows how to take control and perform at ease while being the center of attention.

Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor