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Giving up


Title: Giving up


The most common question I’m asked is “What should I do? I have tried everything and I just want to give up” I completely understand how it feels and it saddens me to hear this especially if they are yet to get their big break. I also get people really angry when they didn’t get the job or audition and demand to know why.

You make it happen, these are words I have to remind myself. Once you know you have done the best you can do in every area such as the following:
You have trained
You are an amazing performer
You have an image, one that fits and suits you not everyone else
You have up to date photos
You have a showreel
You have your website or work pages up to date to showcase your work. Not just your social life
You have your social media up to date
You have an agent or manager

Then you can say, maybe I need to let go a bit, but in truth when you tick the box for I’m an amazing performer work will come your way, your confidence and ability will lead people to you.

Sometimes I ask a dancer when their very upset and emotional, “Were you the best dancer in your group? Were you one of the best dancers or performers in the room? When you answer that in truth you already have the answer.

A no today is not a no tomorrow.
Go away and be the best you can be. You may never be the best dancer but you can be the best performer and book work. Turn it all around!
Hard working dancers carry themselves in a certain manner and believes in themselves. I’ve known dancers that came up to me after an audition and say “I was sure I would get that job there must be a mistake”. Go off after the audition to get food and drinks, only to be called and informed “You’re back on the list please heavy pencil the dates”.

Keep a good relationship with your agent, I understand this is harder at the beginning but over time and once you start booking jobs they will be on the phone to you a lot, so remember you’re building a long term relationship.

I have such a good relationship with my agent I was on the phone with her on the Saturday morning of her wedding sorting a large video shoot.

I’m a bit extreme and very passionate about my job. Maybe a control freak is a better word? Who knows? Who cares? However, “I’m the woman who gets the job done “as producers say. When I’m informed a producer or agency recommended me with this same line I hear again and again “You need Natricia for your project”, I feel very proud and the kid within me starts doing the running man.

But no matter what’s going on good or testing, one thing I can say with no doubt is “I ALWAYS DELIVER!”

Where am I going with this? When you know what you are and how good you are, you will always work. Your next booking is just around the corner. Don’t ask google just be patient and keep busy in the mean time.

Also know that everyone goes through it at sometime. Maybe your true calling is related to dance but not actually dancing maybe this is part of your journey because I never ever wanted to be a choreographer, I just fell into it. Up until today I have friends that still say “How on Earth you’re still working and you never wanted to be a choreographer?” One thing I will say is when I made a choice to do it. I retired from dancing way before the phone could stop calling and committed to it.

So don’t give up because you can run away but you take your problems with you. We, creatives, especially performers are such strong individuals because we put ourselves out there to be judged everyday and constantly keep standing tall.

Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor