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Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup

I worked on the Dubai World Cup 2011 as a creative aerial specialist choreographer and mass movement director. I took my dream team assistants Helen, Anthony and Claudia as we had a cast of over 200 people in harnesses and a number of huge floats.

With limited rehearsal times with all the cast, floats delayed, music, costumes etc it was indeed an exciting and fun journey working with the crew.

Teamwork makes the dream work. I now understand that it’s not just about you and your team, it’s about how you work as one collective group.

I personally loved the muses that were taken 60 meters into the air whist doing a choreographed routine. However the 3 main horses with rippling cannons with hoops pushing on fabric was another great achievement for me.

Check out the rest of the photos here, as shame we were not allowed to video it. 🙁

Movement Genre:

Aerial, Contemporary, Contortion, Mass Movement, Movement Direction


Live, Animals, Acrobats, Ballet Dancers, Models

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