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Dealing with Acne When Dancing


Title: Dealing with Acne when Dancing


If you’re a dancer, you typically wears leotards and fitted clothing sweating it out in the studio. But wearing sweaty fabrics can irritate your skin, especially if you have body acne, or are simply sensitive to certain fabrics.

As performing dancers, we’re used to being camera ready, especially nowadays when everyone films classes and your every move is on Instagram, which means you could be sporting a full face of make-up 24/7. This is a hard one because when you’re in the studio, make up is not our best friend. When you sweat during rehearsals, your pores open up and this makes it easier for heavy make-up to get to clog. Clogged pores cause breakouts and nobody wants that. But if you’re in an audition or about to do a filmed rehearsal, you have no option but to be professional and wearing full based make-up. Research has shown that mineral make up is the best kind of makeup for dancers to use as it’s less clogging. Mineral makeup is well-known for its breathable and natural feel effect. Yes, you don’t want your skin to get worse but you also want to look your best. So if you have not already tried it give it a go.

Here are some other tips for dealing with acne when dancing and for you to keep bacteria from clogging your pores:
  1. Take a small towel or face cloth, nobody wants running make up, especially if you sweat from the head and have thick hair.
  2. Think about the hairstyle you have, can you put it up? As you sweat less when your shoulders are clear.
  3. Think about the clothes you’re wearing, what colour top? Are you concealing your chest and then wearing a white top?
  4. Think about the fabrics you’re wearing, wear breathable clothes such as cottons when you are auditioning, rehearsals etc. Avoid fabrics like polyester, jeans and overlarge hoodies will cook you from the inside.
  5. Bring a change of clothing if you’re a big time sweater, and change at lunch time so you’re not irrigating your skin anymore.
  6. Dirty clothes, or sweated dried and sweated again causes breakouts if you have a very sensitive skin.
  7. Stay hydrated, drink loads of water.
  8. Make sure you wash your skin, cleanse and tone to remove all your make up. Products containing Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid are best for acne prone skin but look into your skin type for your best products. A cleansing brush like Clarisonic is brilliant, it is not harsh on the skin and really cleans your skin for an even deeper clean removing all makeup.
  9. Rest well. Good sleep is needed.
  10. Try and not wear make up on your days off.
  11. Steams and saunas are a great body detox.
  12. Go for regular facial sessions or do your home facial at night.
  13. See a dermatologist should your doctor be no good.
  14. Take your vitamins.

Try not to stress, acne can be triggered from your hormones and your stress levels. Easier said than done in an industry where you never know when you’re working next. But you have to be in control.