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Casting and Audition Tips


Title: Casting and Audition Tips


This video will help you with questions that may pop up when you’re getting ready for a casting  call or taking an audition. The tips will help you relax, be more confident and be totally prepared during your casting/audition. Always remember to enjoy yourself, have fun, stop overthinking and dance over any challenges.
Don’t forget to smile, inside and out! ?
If you need help with any of the tips below, you should definitely watch.


Tip 1

What is the brief?

Tip 2

Are you prepared?

Tip 3

Do you need to learn anything?

Tip 4

Are you wearing the right clothing?

Tip 5

What are you casting/auditioning for?

Tip 6

Are you available for the work dates?

Tip 7

Do you know the job rates?

Tip 8

Is this job locally?

Tip 9

Do you have a current passport?