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How can My Child become an Actor


Title: How can My Child become an Actor


So it seems like there is an aspiring actor in your family but you have no idea on what to do with it? Do you think that you have a little one who is a budding young star? If so, like many parents you might be asking this question: how can my child become an actor? Well, this is your lucky day for we have gathered tips on how to help you make your child become an actor. There are actually many things that you could do to help make this a reality.

If you want your child to act professionally, it will take work, focus and a bit of luck to excel in this competitive entertainment industry. Many children want to enter this field, but only a few will find opportunities to work, especially with such big competition nowadays.

It’s important to point out that your child must be the one who decides if they want to be an actor and not you the parents. Children usually perform better professionally when they have talent and are really passionate about what they are doing. Not living your dreams of fame and success.

You should also know that a lot of the famous child actors don’t always have experiences of a happy childhood. They are faced with high level of rejection, scrutiny and temptations which can create some serious challenges for them later on.

The following are some ways which could definitely help your child become an actor.
  1. Participate in plays.

Every actor starts out small to get experience. Your child can take part in plays at school, local theatres and drama clubs. If possible, you could look for extras in any local movie screening. You want your child to improve his/her craft and build a resume that can impress the talent agents eventually.

  1. Get training.

It is important for children to get professional training right now and even throughout their career, even if they have a natural talent. You can sign up for acting classes/school. If your child doesn’t have enough time for that during the school year then at least let him/her take summer acting classes. This will help your child to develop the important acting terminologies and techniques before auditioning for actual shows and applying to the talent agencies. There is always room for education and improvement after all.

  1. Take some great headshots.

All actors need professional headshots as these are the first things that the casting directors and talent agents see. You should not skimp on these. Absolutely nothing should be written on the front of the picture. Your name and telephone number can be written neatly on the back. If your child is just starting out I would take regular clean photos, before spending loads of money. As you need to know this is not just a short lived hobby and also if they actually have any talent.

  1. Create a resume or CV. 

This must be written impressively and have a sophisticated and professional look. Decide on the area of focus for your child, whether movies, commercials or television and identify his/her talents and strengths. This will allow you to outline all the goals clearly in the resume. The headshot can be stapled neatly on the back of the CV or resume.

  1. Keep updated

Be updated to new styles and genres of acting. Follow acting channels, pages or even actor/actresses accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can get a lot of additional tips from people who are really in the business.

  1. Get help from a talent agent or agency.

You might help your child get some small acting gigs, but having a talent agent or agency with you is totally different. A talent agent can provide guidance and negotiate contract. Not only does this person know the ins and outs of the business, they’ll have connections and will have easy access to acting roles and can find the best acting auditions for your child.  However, you need to beware of frauds or casting scams.

  1. Don’t get easily discouraged.

As a parent, be sure to not let your hopes down easily. Don’t let your child feel that you are discouraged for it will affect him/her big time. Keep on telling uplifting things to your child to at least encourage him/her to continue on his acting career.

Be sure to follow these tips on how can my child become an actor. Remember, that it will take work and lots of practicing to break into the highly competitive and exciting acting industry. But if your child has that thing they want, they will make it!