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The Best Way to Learn Choreography in an Audition


Title: The Best Way to Learn Choreography in an Audition


Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your time at an audition and get the most out of your time there while booking more work.

Tip 1

Come on time
Being early means you have time to prepare yourself and do your last minute changes in wardrobe or practice anything needed to be presented to the casting director, choreographer, director etc.

Tip 2

Warm up
As each year goes by, I see less and less people warm up. They look amazing when they comes in, I’m talking their hair and outfit is on point. They’re talking to other people, taking selfies or live videos but hardly no thoughts of any warming up.

I’ve had calls from producers on my way to auditions or rehearsal where they have decided to change the dance style. This could be because of the director, agency or client. Who knows and at this point who cares as long as the change is delivered. This means if this was a street casting, this could now be a street and contemporary fusion routine now. Or just a jazz number, who knows. Is your body warm? Can you kick? Are your ankles warm? Your body is your tool so you need to look after it like how you look after your phones that you take your selfies. Because when you’re out of action, they just pick the next person, trust me they do it with directors, they do it with choreographers, they definitely do it with talent. Unless the product is based around you solely or you’re a celebrity.

Boxers are brilliant athletes, their mind set and focus is so strong and clear. They do not let overthinking or social media messed them up. It’s all about focus, intent and delivery. Take on that energy in your audition.

Tip 3

Learning the choreography
Position yourself so you can see the choreography clearly. Place yourself so you can see the choreographer, you have to make it happen. Sometimes the first row is a fight and overcrowded but if you can’t see from the mirror, you have to move. You are there for yourself and you alone. Move so you can see what you need to see. Ask the choreographer if you can swap lines after a certain time. Sometimes the choreographer forgets or just has so many different things on their mind. It’s your responsibility to learn the movement and no excuses is heard when the client, agency and director are watching the casting videos.

Tip 4

Stop asking questions for the sake of trying to connect
Every choreography is different, I personally do not like people asking stupid questions. I do not like to keep saying something and then someone ask the exact same question. Some people do this as trying to have a connecting moment. I see this as a getting on my nerve moment! Oh and your wish is granted I will remember you, but not necessary for the way you think. Learn to read people, I spend so much time helping my performers get booked, even if they’re not the right style but are the best look requested. So having someone constantly say what do you want it to look like, I will just say again, like I just did it!!!!!

This also shows the choreographer and director you can’t take direction. You’re building a relationship in a different way to what your intent may be.

Tip 5

Ask if you need help
Should you need help, don’t hesitate to ask, you have nothing to lose. The choreographer will always help you unless you’ve walked in super late and they are moving on. Also your question may help another dancer. But in truth, just ask and start getting ready to perform. Better you practice the correct routine rather than the wrong one, right?

Tip 6

Don’t forget to perform
I always say, a class and workshop is not an audition. Perform, remember to save your energy so you can show your best in your audition video. I see so many people tired and weak when it’s time to be put on camera. Overthinking comes into play and you’re no longer present. You can be the best dancer in the world but if you don’t perform well, you’re not going to get booked. Just like you don’t have to be the best dancer in the world and book every job because you perform with confidence and you draw everyone to you.

But saying this, some clients will just book you from your social media accounts so what do I know? As I’m not crazy about social media and very private but if I were a dancer in this day and age, I would be. I thank the gods I missed this do anything to be famous on stage that is happening.

Tip 7

Work on your freestyle?
If you’re not great at freestyle you need to work on it. Build your confidence, there is no other words to say. Freestyle is free so it’s never wrong, but you know when someone is good or interesting (I try not to use bad). Sometimes you’ll hear that you need to add freestyle at the end of the routine and you let it affect everything. Have the routine amazing and then if you’re interested at freestyle they know what they’re working with.
Same goes for a freestyler who cannot pick up choreography, just try and pick up what you can and then kill the freestyle. You never know, they may create a role just for you.

Tip 8

Contact information
Make sure you leave your correct contact information especially if you’re not represented by an agent or a manager. In truth if you’re good they will find, but it will save time.

Tip 9

The most important tip is have fun! Everyone is so concerned about selfies and adding stories for Instagram. Loosen up and have fun!

Stay blessed
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor