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I was working with the unique and outstanding director Mark Zibert for the AXA new dance campaign choreography. When I was told by Charlie Crompton (executive producer from Rogue Films) his a nice guy, I really did not know just how nice and respectful of dance someone could be. I ‘m blessed to work with some really great directors but this man has got a glowing soul, whist still being firm. I learned a lot on this job, believe me!
AXA is invested in over 500 research projects to make people lives better and safer. Their dance campaign features the beautiful Taylor Haines. After a worldwide search they pick the best dancer for the job. Taylor was fitted with a prosthetic leg at a very young age. She has heart and soul and never gives up, even when I say take 5.

I had a truly lovely time working on this job, and was sore on my right side for days as that is Taylors supporting side so most jumps, kicks and turns favored that side for support. On one of our rehearsal days we danced 5 hours straight with just a short water break.

I was asked to feature in the film as her teacher which at first I laughed at as I retired from dance and model world over 10 years ago, but I managed to make the cut and was not left in the editing bin, lol!

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