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Universal Studios “Hollywood Dreams” Parade

Universal Studios "Hollywood Dreams" Parade

Universal studios Singapore had its first parade choreographed by little old me. Such a fun job getting to work and play at the same time.

On a serious note, it was very knowledgeable working with an organization like Universal.

Over a year of planning, meetings’ research and castings before one single count of movement was set. However, as you all know my heart is in the studio, so creating the movement and doing the dress rehearsals was the icing on the cake for me. The journey of having people learning to walk on stilts, actors having to use set counts in fight scenes were great and transforming.

Check out the 6 parades below

The Lost World Jurassic Park
Stars In Cars
The Mummy
Hooray to Hollywood


Movement Genre:

Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Partner Work, Ribbon Work, Showgirls, Staging, Stage Fighting, Stilt, Street Dance, Tribal Dancing


Live, Animation, Cartoon, News, Props

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