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Fix your Face

Fix your Face

To celebrate my coming of age, I decided to do a fix that face collage. I was asked to do some video tips and anyone who knows me recognises I’ve got no time for stuff like this. It makes me realise I really need to practice what I preach. Being behind the camera for the last 13 years, I really realised how much I let myself go. I could throw in the baby card as well, to get a few more get out of jail cards, but in truth, I really don’t know how these new age social media hotties do it. Looking perfect, flawless, stunning all day long. Do I care that much??

I woke up before the birds, had to do the nursery run and attend two meetings. Just time for a quick check of my face in the toilets before recording these tips, as I was now running late. Then off to read a treatment and do a private session. Watching these back after my trip to LA, I’m like “girl you need to get some sleep, say a prayer, mediate, create more hours in the day” Anyway, I got all these photos sent to me and I loved the jacked up faced ones. So here is my stunning fix your face collage. If I can’t laugh at myself, I have some serious issues.

Peace and blessing.
From Natricia aka the Performance Mentor